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National Military Museum

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Even the impressive building of the National Military Museum is striking. You haven't even made it inside yet! In the enormous hall with thirteen meters high, glass walls tanks, planes and a rocket launcher pose. Admire these tough tools of the Dutch land forces and air force and wander through the whole Arsenal. Fun for kids is the Xplore, an interactive zone where they can create gunpowder themselves and fly in a F16-simulator. Exciting!

Airplanes and tanks

It's like they're still flying around in the air; that's how planes of the Dutch Airforce are displayed in the National Military Museum. On the ground their brothers of the ground forces are situated; tanks and other vehicles. The complete Dutch army and the history is shown here. Check out the Leopard 2A6, a battle tank that used to be the showpiece of the Defense. Every part of the museum has its own story to tell. Like the rubber boat with which German soldiers used to paddle to Rotterdam in May 1940.

For kids: an interactive zone

Children look at the museum in awe. But it gets even more exciting! In the Xplore it's their turn. They can drive a tank or sit in an F16-simulator. Quite an experience.

This attraction National Military Museum in Soest is suitable for corporate activities en childrens party (vanaf € 7,00 p.p.).



Verlengde Paltzerweg 1
3768 MX Soest, (gemeente Soest), Utrecht

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