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Cheese-making farm 'De Staelenhoef'

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Cheese-making farm 'De Staelenhoef' (1722) has been a traditional farm run by the Hilhorst family since time immemorial. Toon is responsible for production and the running of the business, while Trudie looks after sales. Visitors can come to buy fresh dairy produce at the farm shop, but they can also learn how to make their own cheese. Chese making is also an original and fun idea for a children's party. "A good singalong, something to drink, making a personalised cheese, a visit to the cows and a chat with the farmer's wife about all the work that takes place on the farm...before you know it 1.5 hours have passed and you have your very own cheese as a result!" says Trudie.

This attraction Cheese-making farm 'De Staelenhoef' in Soest is suitable for ladies day, childrens party and workshop.



Birkstraat 123
3768 HE Soest, (gemeente Soest), Utrecht

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