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Sand sculptures at the Veluwe


Gorgeous sculptures and images, all made out of sand, decorate the sculpture garden in Garderen. At the sand sculpture festival everyone stares his eyes out!

Sand sculptures

Making the sand sculptures takes a lot of time and effort, the artists are working on them for months. But the result is truly amazing! Take a walk and admire all the works of art and craftsmanship. But the most beautiful view on all the sculptures is from the monorail, which you'll drive by carts. A awesome experience for children.

Shopping and drinking coffee

For a cup of coffee or tea there is a covered terrace and the restaurant de Rozentuin. On the menu are delicious lunches to complete this day out. Don't forget to have a look inside the showroom of the sculpture garden, it is full of home accessories, furniture and presents.

This attraction Sand sculptures at the Veluwe in Garderen is suitable for ladies day and high of afternoon tea.



Oude Barnevelderweg 5
3886 PT Garderen, (gemeente Barneveld), Gelderland

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