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Crack the code in Escape Mission

Indoor activity

The doors close behind you and the time starts ticking... Will you succeed in escaping within sixty minutes? Find yourself in the research lab of Area 51, with all kinds of weird clues. Or hop into the house of a detective in the old London, where you have to solve puzzles to find the killer in time. Escape Mission is a lot of fun for groups. Enter the room together, find the clues and solve the mystery! Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Can you beat the room?

Who will you bring to your Escape Mission? You only have an hour to escape Area 51. The scientists suddenly disappeared and did not leave a code. You'll have to crack it yourself. In the room of the detective in London you have to escape as soon as possible to prevent a murder. But of course, your murderer has done everything to sabotage your attempt to escape. An exciting and surprising game in which you'll have to work together to succeed! The clock is ticking... will you escape in time?


Need to cool down afterwards? You'll get the drink of your choice. There are all kinds of fun package deals. Combine Escape Mission with a game of minigolf in 3D at GlowGolf Rotterdam. A creative game in amazing rooms!

This attraction Crack the code in Escape Mission in Rotterdam is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party and vrijgezellenfeest.



Rhijnspoor 277 (Capelle aan den IJssel)
2901 LB Rotterdam, (gemeente Rotterdam), Zuid-Holland

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