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Experience the WhatsApp Murder trip (and more cheap trips)

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Escape! of Stad Unique is a unique game with which you change every location into an escape room. You'll be chained to the Escapebox, but will you be able to open the box within an hour, solve all the riddles and free yourself within the set time?

The exciting and inexpensive days-out of Stad Unique are ideal for bachelor parties, company trips or groups of friends! With every package deal of Stad Unique you'll explore nearly forty cities in the Netherlands and Germany in a unique way:

  • Get your friends together and do the WhatsApp Experience via your phone;
  • Help the city at "Help the mayor is kidnapped!"
  • Or go on an exciting trip for detectives.

Escape the escape room

The clock keeps ticking but in the meantime the Escapebox still keeps you tied up. Find a way to open it, solve the riddles in the Escapebox and free yourself within the hour! The game Escape! can be played wherever you like. In this way you can even experience an escape room outside, in the city! Do you have more time? Combine the Escapebox with the GPS Escapetour, with which you'll get points by solving puzzles by means of coordinates. Your goal? Open the cryptex, just like in The Da Vinci Code. Play in a team, or have compete with another team.

Experience the WhatsApp Murder trip

Do the exciting WhatsApp Murder trip. A murder has been committed in the city. Find out who is the victim and who the murderer! Per email you'll receive a briefing, picture list and an answer sheet. On the most beautiful location in the city you'll find more and more clues. Can you solve the murder in time?