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Hop on board of the Halve Maen, a ship full of stories


Astringent firefights at sea, rough storms and adventurous discoveries: the Halve Maen has gone through it all. Hop on board of this copy of a seventeenth century ship where dozens of stories come alive. Taste the food of the crew in the cook's galley, see how the sails are raised and discover how the canons were used at battles. In the Halve Maen you relive the Golden Age.

Life at sea

In 1609 the English captain Henry Hudson left his hometown for the sea in the Halve Maen. After a long journey he discovered the island of Manahatta, which became New York later, and ran into the Indians. What was it like to be there? What did sailors do on a ship, where did they sleep and what did they eat? At the creaking deck of the Halve Maen you discover whether it was fun to be a sailor. For children there is a special audio, but it is even more fun to be shown around by a guide. Book in advance to be certain of your spot.

All hands on deck!

Visit the Halve Maen in Summer on a Fridaynight: the ship will raise it sails and you can go on a sailing trip of three hours. Enjoy the bites and drinks while you float on the water.

Tip:Get to know more about the Golden Age in the Westfries Museumnearby.

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