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Unique: Fort Boyard in a silo

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Experience Fort Boyard with friends or colleagues in Fort Veenhuizen. Accept exciting challenges and try to beat the other team! Every won challenge brings you a code. Every code is a key: collect as many as possible! In the meanwhile the clock keeps ticking... Do you dare to take the challenge?

Fort Veenhuizen takes place in a enormous silo of fifteen meters high! Time is precious while you balance in the air and do exciting challenges as quick as possible. No scary snakes or cockroaches at Fort Veenhuizen, but challenges that only one member of the team can do at the time. Come up with a strategy: who of your team is the quickest, strongest, or cleverest?

Collect every key

For the final challenge you need keys, which you can win at the challenges. The more challenges you win, the more keys you have and the bigger the chance at final victory! A perfect day out for friends, family, or colleagues. Get to know each others strengths and weaknesses, come up with a strategy and fight the other teams!

Indoor and outdoor

The activity is indoor and outdoor: an ideal mix, which enables you to do Fort Boyard at any circumstance, rain or sun. Be prepared to get dirty and make sure to wear closed-toe shoes. The game itself takes two and a half hours. Do you want to make it a complete day, food included? Contact De Jongens van Outdoor for possibilities. Participants have to be sixteen or older.

This attraction Unique: Fort Boyard in a silo in Veenhuizen is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party (vanaf € 15,00 p.p.), themafeest, weekend break and vrijgezellenfeest.



Hoofdweg 136
9341 BL Veenhuizen, (gemeente Coevorden), Drenthe

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