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Nose around and feed animals at Eekhoorn Experience

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Walk in the bamboo garden of garden center De Evenaar and feed the squirrels! The Eekhoorn Experience in Etten-Leur is an exotic experience. It's like you're in Asia! Walk past the gigantic bamboosticks, garden furniture made of bamboo, palms, yuccas and Buddhas. In between the plants all kinds of squirrels are hidden.

Feeding squirrels

Go on a quest with the whole family, feed the squirrels and take a closer look at them. When you give them hazelnuts, the nuts will be gone before you know it. During the walk through the bamboo garden of 10.000 square meter you'll discover more about the squirrel thanks to 'did you know' signs in the garden. Did you know, for example, that squirrels can swim? They won't get very far, but a few laps are fine. Start your adventure at the bamboo bridge!

Snakes and parrots

In the Eekhoorn Experience there are ten big cages with at least fifteen different kinds of squirrels - discover all of them by stories and fun facts. But there are also different kinds of animals. Parrots, parakeets, canaries, and snakes live in the garden center, but also koi in a lake. Visitors are allowed to feed the fish.

Exotic garden center

The products of garden center De Evenaar are influenced by the East. There are Buddhas, colourful flowers, palm trees, teak furniture, paintings, and lamps of pearl shell for sale. A bit of Indonesia, a touch of Thailand and a dash of Bali. There's also an Indonesian restaurant where visitors can have a coffee and Eastern snack. The Indonesian restaurant is opened Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.