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Escape your own house or office - escape room on site!

Outdoor activity with some shelter

An escape room in an unknown environment is exciting. But it will totally freak you out to be locked in your own cafe, living room, or canteen. What is going on?! At every random location you can book an escape room. At your office, to play the game with your colleagues. Or at home, with your friends. Anyhow, you will sweat solving all the riddles!

The escape room on site is invented by Uitjesbazen. They organise all kinds of fun and challenging days out for groups. Spending the day with friends or colleagues and relax for a bit, or shake in excitement? Together you'll decide what your day will look like. A couple of examples of the arrangements:

Bingo with a twist and exciting amusement parks

  • Bingo with a twist - Playing bingo, but differently. The balls are not just with numbers, but also with assignments. You'll have to do more than just sing a song when you're having a false bingo. It's not that easy!
  • Creating a lipdub - immortalize yourself with a clip, if you dare! Create a fun lipdub as a family or group of friends for a bridal couple, or show your sense of humor to your company. This will result in a fun day, a hilarious clip and a memory forever.
  • Amusement park Adventure - Warning: this is a sneaky arrangement. Make two teams in an amusement park of your choice and solve riddles in the park. You'll get the instructions by phone... Exciting!

Pick your own location

Whether you escape a room or pick a different day out, everything is possible at a location of your choice. Pretty convenient if you want to bring your enormous family or group of friends together for a special day.