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Outsider Art Museum in the Hermitage: art, but differently

Indoor activity

Easy doodling, an explosion of colour or sober black and white: the art in the Outsider Art Museum is straight from the heart of the national and international artists. Just like for Vincent van Gogh art gives them mental freedom. Meet this unconventional art and discover the oldest Outsider Art Collection of Europe in this museum in the Hermitage.

What is outsider art?

Some of them live in a health facility, have a mental illness or are isolated from the community: the artists of the Outsider Art Museum, or the 'outsiders'. The museum in the heart of Amsterdam is the stage for the work of these artists that have never been enrolled in an art school and that don't care about cultural norms. Cruel fairy tales, hallucinating drawings, a farm in thousands of colours and a portrait existing of rectangles: art like this can only be found here. Visit this museum and you will be enlightened.

The story behind the art

Don't you completely understand what you see? Visit the museum every first or third Sunday of the month; at 1 PM a basic tour for groups of three to ten persons will take place.

Admire the art of outsiders in the Outsider Art Museum in Amsterdam. This museum is great for a company trip. This activity is suitable for the whole family, children, adults and elderly.