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Brewing Belgian beer, how does it work?

Indoor activity

Beer with flowers, chocolate or caramel. In City Brewery De Koninck in Antwerpen they experiment with everything which results in the most delicious Belgian beers. For example the legendary Bolleke, which you can order in every Antwerps cafe. Smell, taste and experience how this golden stuff comes about during a spectacular tour in the brewery, the pride of every citizen of Antwerpen. A must see when you visit the city!

In the ten interactive rooms where you walk around by yourself, you can taste, smell and experience how beer comes about. Try what beer taste likes before the alcohol is added, for example. Did you know the taste is similar to honey-sweet tea? Smell hop and grain, a couple of ingredients of beer. On a gigantic screen a real professor will explain how Belgian beer comes about. The explanation is understandable for young and old!

Beer with caramel flavour

Experience how this brewery has a special place in the heart of the citizens of Antwerpen and take a seat in the De Koninck bus in which you'll drive through Antwerpen virtually. You'll hear all about the origin of the Bolleke, the signature beer of De Koninck with caramel flavour. The name of this beer derives from the round glass in which it is served.

Test brew with chocolate

And then the place where the magic happens and where, among others, the iconic Bolleke is brewed! You'll get there via a four meter high gangway. Mysterious laboratory workers in white suits conceptualise and experiment with new test brews. Taste for example beer containing flowers, orange-peels or chocolate during the tasting. You can taste cheese of Van Tricht with your beer, which is, according to the Wall Street Journal, the best cheese in Europe! A magical combination which makes the beer taste even better.

Got hungry? In the total area of 18000 square meter of City Brewery De Koninck you'll also find two restaurants in which you can finish your visit at the brewery with a delicious lunch or dinner.

This attraction Brewing Belgian beer, how does it work? in Antwerpen is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, workshop and vrijgezellenfeest.