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Battle at the scrap dump!

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Get in the overalls, put on your face shield and get ready for the Battle of Scrap! In the enormous garage in the forest tough guys and girls will work together in teams to conquer iron. Who designs the best object by welding, sawing, cutting, and scraping?

At the scrap dump

Before the battle begins a team will get a technical assignment. Run to the scrap dump, get the parts you think you'll need and get going! Old bicycles, tubes, pots, pans, anything you need. With a little help of professionals you'll work with real welders, portable grinding machines, sander machines and learn arc-saw techniques. The assignment you'll get, fits with your profession and mechanical aptitude. A group of students, for example, designed a working clock and a couple of florists created huge flowers as piece of art. A race with sand yachts you've built yourself is an amazing experience, too!

Piece of art for the bride

At Schrootstrijd it is all about teamwork and goal-driven thinking. Don't you really feel like a technical assignment in competition? Make a piece of art together to put in your garden, or at the office. Or give the bride- or groom-to-be a vehicle you just made to use on their big day! Even that is makeable of old iron!

Stay sharp

Of course it's important to stay sharp with welding and sawing, so no alcohol during the battle! Tired but satisfied you can finish your battle with a lunch, diner, or high tea.

This attraction Battle at the scrap dump! in Dieren is suitable for corporate activities, workshop and vrijgezellenfeest.