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Throwing fireballs and beating zombies in virtual reality

Indoor activity

Standing at the edge of a skyscraper, defusing a bomb, fighting aliens, everything is possible in virtual reality. The VR Room will come to you for the most high tech team building ever. Work together to find a way out while the zombies are chasing you, or battle for the highest score.

Virtual reality day-out

Virtual reality is much more than just a game; with virtual reality goggles you're suddenly in a completely different world. Prepare yourself for an intense 3D experience. In the Fireball Arena you throw fireballs at monsters and with Hand-Simulations you can do all kinds of assignments.

High tech team building

Working together in a situation that's life threatening is hard - and that's why it is the perfect challenge. Defuse a bomb while your teammates give instructions. With the VR goggles it is your job to fix it. Will you be able to do it or will everything blow up?

VR experience for everyone

The headoffice of The VR Room is in Utrecht, but they'd love to come to you. When you're with at least fifteen people you can have the virtual reality experience at the location of your choice. The VR Room will come to you with all their equipment and VR Experts. Let them know how you'd like it and customise your own VR experience. Want to skydive together? Formula 1 racing? The sky is the limit! You can even experience virtual reality with a hundred people at the same time.

This attraction Throwing fireballs and beating zombies in virtual reality in Utrecht is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party and vrijgezellenfeest.