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Jump around at Jumpsquare Amsterdam

Indoor activity

Put on your sports outfit, take a deep breath and enter the Trampoline Park Jumpsquare Amsterdam. No one stands still here! Practice front and backflips, run horizontally on the walls and drop into the enormous air cushion. Whether you're a freerunner or looking for an active day out with friends: go for it without thinking!

Gravity? What's that?

Discover all jump zones while jumping around and feel the adrenaline kick in. In the Free Jump Area and the Fun Area the sky is literally the limit and you can jump as high as possible. In the Trick Area you'll make backflips and run on walls! Instructors will tell you how you get even better with tips and tricks. Balance on a bar in the Slackline Area and fall into the Big Airbag with a gracious jump.

Jump with friends

Athletes, pay attention: the net comes really close when you play a game of basketball on the trampoline. In the Sports Area you can experience how cool it is. Do you have some energy left? Play a game of dodgeball with your friends. Dodge the balls while jumping around.

This attraction Jump around at Jumpsquare Amsterdam in Amsterdam is suitable for corporate activities, childrens party and vrijgezellenfeest.



Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1
1096 BD Amsterdam, (gemeente Amsterdam), Noord-Holland

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