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Raise the sails and head towards Batavialand!

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Once your feet touch land in Lelystad you'll be traveling in time. Head towards the life on board of a ship in the seventeenth century, when ships of the Dutch East India Company sailed restless seas for trade. The reconstruction of the historical Dutch East India Company The Batavia, which you can visit from hold to mast, tells stories of a special time.

At the wharf everyone has his own task. Builders are working on a reconstruction of the flagship of Michiel de Ruyter, an admiral who played a big role in Dutch history. Experience the old trades come back to life. Make your own nail in the forge, visit the rigging shop or try wood carving yourself! Lastly, don't forget to visit the cannon firing demonstration.

Raise the sails

Families with children discover the world of traveling trade at the interactive activity 'Wind in de zeilen'. Armed with a passport, a compass and a map and under the leadership of Karel de Rat they raise the sails and head towards the time of the Dutch East India Company!

The biggest polder in the world

In the museum you suddenly realise that your feet are standing in the clay of the biggest polder on earth: Flevoland. In the Water theater you'll become an engineer and farmer and will operate the locks.


Since October 2016 Batavialand is building a reconstruction of a Watership from the fourteenth century. Enter the construction site and ask the builders anything you like. Experimental archaeology comes to life!

This attraction Raise the sails and head towards Batavialand! in Lelystad is suitable for childrens party.



Oostvaardersdijk 01-09
8242 PA Lelystad, (gemeente Lelystad), Flevoland

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