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Alien hunting in 360 degrees: VR World

Indoor activity

It is war. The zombie apocalypse is no longer a worst case scenario, it's the terrible truth. With a machine gun you're ready to shoot zombies in a dark and draughty sewer. You can save the world, but watch out. The zombies can come from the left, or the right. Or from behind, but you always spot them. Put on your VR goggles, and step into the world that only exists in your fantasy. And that while you're in the FutureDome (former prison).

Team day out in 3D

The FutureDome can also be the arena of a sensational fireball fight between you and your friends. Or step into the cart of an insane roller coaster. Or get behind the wheel of a Formula One car and face the coolest tracks. With a virtual reality experience anything is possible in an intense 3D experience.

More than games

Not that big a fan of action and adventure? Virtual doesn't always have to be astringent:
  • Swing in 360 degrees on the swinging ship or find yourself in a canyon swing in the Family VR Room. Perfect for a children's party!
  • Go on a journey in the future in the Discover VR Room.
  • Do you like archery or another sport? Try it!
  • Are you able carry out assignments with glowing, virtual copies of your hands?
For the enthusiasts of VR World: there are also virtual reality experiences at locations of your choice. VR Experts bring the equipment to your office or birthday!

This attraction Alien hunting in 360 degrees: VR World in Breda is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party (vanaf € 21,87 p.p.) and vrijgezellenfeest.