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Escape the spectacular 4D-Escape room Zwolle

Indoor activity

Many years they have looked for Eveline, the teenager that disappeared in 1982, who was only fourteen years old back then. She went into her room to read and was never seen since. The case wasn't solved and except her parents no one believed to ever see Eveline alive again. Until yesterday! After some people heard a weird sound, a screen with a video message was found.

4D experience

You, together with your family, friends, or colleagues, will be brought in to reunite Eveline with her parents. That won't be easy. You literally have to move rivers, brew drinks and fight through the fog. In Escape room Zwolle Epic Journey you'll be sucked into an intense adventure with scent, audio, video, light and fog effects. Do everything possible and impossible to find the book with all the solutions. Make sure you and your team stand at the ready, because one little mistake can have you dragged along in the river, locked up, or worse...

Adventure for the whole family

Experience the escape room with the whole family! Two adults and a maximum of three children from ten to seventeen years old pay only 75 euros. Or pick the Family Experience of 89 euros. In this experience you'll receive riddles, puzzles, video messages and calls with tips in the week before your appointment, to make the adventure even intenser.
Good to know: this experience with a week of extra tips and excitement can also be booked as VIP Experience for other groups. This VIP Experience is 119 euros for a maximum of five persons.

Teams: analyse your competence

Are you colleagues, but are you not sure who is best at doing what? Book the team building experience and have your escape recorded by five cameras. You can analyse the footage professionally, so everyone's strength can be noted. Who is a natural leader? Who is able to think outside the box?

This attraction Escape the spectacular 4D-Escape room Zwolle in Zwolle is suitable for corporate activities en vrijgezellenfeest.