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Play your own game of Survivor! Will you survive all the challenges?


Surviving in the wilderness is not a piece of cake! Join the Expeditie Robinson Team Challenge of Adventure Twente and find out who is the best survivor in three challenges. Whether you win or not, you'll have an adventurous day out and might even learn new skills.

Survival challenges

It starts of with a nice cup of coffee or tea, but after that the battle begins. In two hours you and your team will face three challenges.The expedition is or groups of eight or more.
  • Challenge 1: The fire challenge. A Robinson classic: will you be able to make a fire using only natural resources? It's not just about a little spark: your fire has to burn through a rope.
  • Challenge 2: Gold Rush. The ultimate test of skills: Take as quick as possible as many water as possible from one point to another. Of course, there are many obstacles... Only when the bucket overflows the second part of the challenge can start. Whoever is fastest, wins. So chop, chop, don't drop!
  • Challenge 3: The duel. Okay, now things get really serious: every member of the team gets into a one on one paintball fight with an opponent. The team with the most hits wins. You don't like getting shoot at? Shooting cans instead of each other is allowed, too.

Cooking like a Robinson

Tip: book a dinner in Robinson style and reflect on the fun day.Cooking together brings people together, especially when you only have primitive resources to make a meal. During the arrangement Campfire Cooking you learn how to make a fire and cook a feast. Smoking fish, baking bread: there are many possibilities. And of course you'll enjoy the dinner together.

This attraction Play your own game of Survivor! Will you survive all the challenges? in Enschede is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party (vanaf € 15,00 p.p.) and vrijgezellenfeest.



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