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Railway Museum

Indoor activity

"Welcome to the wonderful world of the Railway Museum! The former Maliebaan station is the gateway to this museum. Marble floors, chandeliers and a royal waiting room, here you can travel in style. The museum contains four different worlds where you can discover enormous steam engines and take a look in a real locomotive.

World 1: The Great Discovery

The Great Discovery takes you back to the early days of steam. Travel through an English mining village and see what the first steam engines looked like. The first ride with a steam train in the Netherlands was a real happening that made the front pages of the newspapers. People lined the railway to wav at this monstrous machine that raced through the countryside at a great pace. This very locomotive can be found in the museum.


World 2: Dream Journeys

Dream Journeys takes you on a fairy-tale world of journeys on the Orient Express. The cook tells of the splendid dishes he served to the passengers, and a traveller tells breathtaking stories of his experiences in the magical countries visited along the way.

World 3: Steel Monsters

Steel Monsters takes you on an exciting journey through all kinds of professions connected with trains. Sit in the carriage and fly past the huge locomotives, but watch out... that was a close thing, good job you got out of the way in time.

World 4: The Workshop

In The Workshop you encounter eduTRAINers who can tell you all about the trains, and even open a special train for you to take a look. Experience the thrill of driving a train in the simulator engine and trave laround th world. Or feel waht it's like to sort the post in a travelling train. Do all this and more i nthe Railway Museum. And don't forget to take a look outside at the old water tower, the shunting yard and the special Children's Railway with its Jumbo Express, tunnel and lots of play equipment, for children only!

A world filled with soot and steam. A world which shows how a new method of transport would transform people's daily lives. The invention was the train, the Iron Horse. Let the first train driver in the Netherlands, John Middelmis, take you along on a trip through an English mining village and tell you about the beginnings of the steam engine."

This attraction Railway Museum in Utrecht is suitable for childrens party (vanaf € 16,95 p.p.).



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