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Amersfoort Zoo


Meet baboons and Siberian tigers in the City of Antiquities, play in one of the three playgrounds, or come face to face with fascinating tarantulas, supple boa constrictors and impressive bearded dragons. Sit in the grandstands and enjoy the view of the chimpanzee group and the elephant herd. The chimpanzees perform the craziest antics and are well worth sitting down to watch.

You must take a walk through the Dino Forest, travel millions of years back in time and walk among the sixty life-sized dinosaurs, such as the T. Rex and the Diplodocus. But don't be too shocked if they suddenly roar!

This attraction Amersfoort Zoo in Amersfoort is suitable for ladies day and childrens party.



Barchman Wuytierslaan 224
3819 AC Amersfoort, (gemeente Amersfoort), Utrecht

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