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Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Ouwehands ZooEnter into Pássaro, a paradise of colourful, tropical birds, then go on to admire the unique white tigers and lions. Come fact to face with polar bears and watch the orang-utangs swing overhead. Or walk through the Bear Forest with its brown bears and wolves. Climb onto the world's largest elephant to observe mighty African elephants from 12 metres above the ground.

African adventurein 'Umkhosi'

Meet lions, meerkats, warthogs and mandrils. Experience the atmosphere of the African play village and enjoy an African adventure. Climb the rope bridges from treehut to treehut and spy on the lions from an exciting lookout.


RavotAapia is the largest covered play-jungle in Europe. You can clamber and climb just like the otters and squirrel monkeys. play along in the legend of the stranded pirate ship and expreience exciting adventures in the caves of the flying dogs. Take a journey of discovery in Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen!

This attraction Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen in Rhenen is suitable for corporate activities en childrens party (vanaf € 17,50 p.p.).



Grebbeweg 111
3911 AV Rhenen, (gemeente Rhenen), Utrecht

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