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Paintball in Zwolle


Paintball is played either on rough ground or a playing field with inflatable obstacles. The playing area must contain enough obstacles. Participants are divided into two teams who must each try to eliminate their opponents using biologically degradeable paint bullets. The aim of the game differs per mission and depends on the ground where it is being played. Each game lasts about twenty minutes and is supervised by a marshall (referee).
Paintball Zwolle plays at various locations: in Zwolle itself, in the Wythermerplas recreation area, and in the woods near Bussloo where 2.5 hectares of woods are available. The Bussloo recreation area is located between Apeldoorn and Deventer. Car parking and toilets are available at all locations.

This attraction Paintball in Zwolle in Zwolle is suitable for corporate activities, childrens party and vrijgezellenfeest.



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