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Open-Air Museum of the Netherlands

Outdoor activity with some shelter

The past comes to life in the Dutch Open Air Museum. Smells, images, stories and encounters trigger unforgettable memories from the past.

The Dutch Open Air Museum keeps Dutch traditions alive. A visit here is a visit to the country as it was in the distant and not-so-distant past. The museum is packe with activity and life: in the farmyards, the country estates, the businesses, the farmers bar, the shops.

A visit to the museum

Join in the fun in the children's area or play on the Zaan square? Taste the poffertjes under their thick layer of icing suger, or a freshly baked currant bun from the baker? And how shall we travel - shall we take the tram, or walk back in time?

A visit to the Open Air Museum is impressive and unforgettable whatever your age. Your senses will be stimulated by the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of yesteryear. Living history is touching for young and old, for some it awakens old memories, and for some amazement at how people used to live. Every time and every region has its own customs, some of which may be hard to imagine and hard to understand. But a visit here may help you to understand a little better.

Dutch traditions

What is traditional Dutch? It goes beyonf the bicycles, the clogs and tulips, the windmills and the freshly baked apple pie. Holland is bursting with traditions and customs the Dutch can be proud of, and these are still evolving today.

Every time leaves its traces and all the newcomers to the Netherlands are adding their own customs. So the theme for 2011 is New Dutch: the effects of migration.

With a new clothing exhibition, permanent and temporary theme presentations, film portraits, a weekend and holiday project ans surprising events on the theme of migration. -->

This attraction Open-Air Museum of the Netherlands in Arnhem is suitable for corporate activities en childrens party.