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GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Mighty gorillas, impressive rhinos and stately giraffes: at GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo you can encounter the most beautiful animals. You only need one day to travel across the whole world here, from Africa to the Amazonian rain forests and the Far North. And everywhere there are new species of animals waiting to be met.

GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo

GaiaPark for kids

Besides seeing the spectacular animals, there are more exciting activites for children in GaiaPark. In the giant DinoDome, the largest indoor Dino playground in Europe, children can let off steam climbing and colouring. They can explore the desert island where the extinct dinosaurs come to life! And if this is all too exciting for your young child, come to the petting farm and pet the animals there.



Dentgenbachweg 105
6468 PG Kerkrade, (gemeente Kerkrade), Limburg

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