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Museum Wierdenland

Indoor activity

Wierdenland Museum focuses on the ancient settlements of the coastal area of Groningen. Exhibits include the 2,000-year history of the artificial mounds (wierden) and dykes which were constructed and dug up. The oldest farm in the area has also been reconstructed in the museum. Artefacts on display include local earthenware pots.
besides a visit to the museum, you can tour the local area, Wierdenland. Two routes have been laid out, Route A is an 11-kilometre tour from Ezinge via Aduarderzijl, Garnwerd and Feerwerd and back to Ezinge. Route B is 15-kilometre route from Ezinge via Aduarderzijl, Garnwerd, Oostum and Wierum to the city of Groningen. Guided tours of the local area are also available.

This attraction Museum Wierdenland in Ezinge is suitable for corporate activities.



Van Swinderenweg 10
9891 AD Ezinge, (gemeente Winsum), Groningen

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