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Indoor Skydive Roosendaal

Indoor activity

Not everyone is keen on jumping from an airplane and falling to earth at a rapid pace. Even though skydiving always features a parachute, many people find it a scary proposition. Besides this, parachute jumping is very expensive.

Indoor skydiving feels almost the same as real skydiving, but without airplanes or parachutes! Indoor skydiving takes place in a sort of wind tunnel where participants, instead of falling to earth, are blown upwards by a powerful wind. This feels just like being in freefall.

Once everyone has changed back into their normal clothes after three sessions they can pick up the DVD showing their excperience to take home. And for those who are hungry after teir 'free fall' experience, there is the Swoop cafeteria whre they can grab a bite to eat.

There is a reduced rate for spectators, and a 'kids wing' with play equipment for children.

This attraction Indoor Skydive Roosendaal in Roosendaal is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party and vrijgezellenfeest.