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Toverland (Theme Park)

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Toverland theme park in Sevenum in Limburg offers fun for all the family. Because much of the park is under cover, it can also be visited during the winter months. The park's top attractions are the Woudracer, a 600-metre bobslee course and the Backstroke log slide which releases visitors at a height of 15 metres and ends in a splash. Other attractions include the Twist & Turn, Klimhoed and Villa Fiasco. The park also has a theatre.


Pride of place in the park is given to the wooden roller-coaster, Troy. This ride was built in 2007 and is over one kilometre long and 35 metres high. The wagon reaches speeds of 90 kph, making it one of the fastest wooden roller-coasters in Europe.


Armed with a magicians wand, visitors to the Toverhuis can go in search of the (hidden) special effects. Curtains open and close, a spider appears, the bed moves, and the witch... suffers a sudden bout of flatulence.


In 2007 Toverland was awarded the 'Children's Accessibility Prize'. This prize is awarded after a panel of children with and without a disability visit fourteen theme parks in the Netherlands and judge the friendliness of the staff, the food and the quality and accessibility of the attractions.

This attraction Toverland (Theme Park) in Sevenum is suitable for corporate activities en themafeest.



Toverlaan 2
5975 MR Sevenum, (gemeente Horst aan de Maas), Limburg

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