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Biesbosch National Park - Dordrecht Visitors' Centre

Outdoor activity with some shelter

The Bisbosch National Park is a well-known and particularly special natural area where lots of people go to relax. The wetlands developed into a fresh-water marsh which is home to many wild animals. Parts of the Biesbosch date back to the 15th century when many polders flooded during the St. Elizabeth's Flood in 1421. This makes this one of the Netherlands' oldest nature areas, unique in a country where every square metre has been planned and cultivated, or 'given back to nature'. In 1970 the tidal water movement in the Biesbosch was stopped as a reasult of the closing of the Haringvliet sluice gates (part of the Delta Works). This had disastrous effects on the local wildlife. Since 2005 attempts have been made to restore a tidal flow of 1 metre. Even the Biesbosch is subject to the cultivating influence of man.

The Dordrecht Visitors' Centre offers a number of activcities; 'silent' boat trips, organised canoe and walking tours, and boat trips are all available. There is also a beaver observation post where the beavers (if present) can be seen.

This attraction Biesbosch National Park - Dordrecht Visitors' Centre in Dordrecht is suitable for vrijgezellenfeest.