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A journey through the human body at CORPUS

Indoor activity

Imagine: you are a red blood-corpuscle. This sounds surreal, but in the 5D-heart theater of CORPUS it's quite easy. Go on a staggering journey through the human body and discover in the brain show how the human brain works. Every day you body functions and you use the functions it has consciously and unconsciously. But how does this ingenious 'corpus' actually work?

 Corpus Reis door de mens

Sugar and salt on your tongue

In CORPUS you'll become aware of your own body and brain. How do your bowels respond to a cheese sandwich? What happens when you sneeze and where on your tongue do you taste sugar, or salt? The answer to this and a thousand of other questions you'll find during the remarkable journey for young and old at CORPUS.

Extraordinary journey

A visit to CORPUS means: going on a trip like you've never experienced before. The building itself is an eye catcher already: a body of 35 meters high. The journey will take you through the body, along incredible 5D organ theaters. After an hour you'll end up in the brains. Every seven minutes a group of sixteen persons takes the escalator into the knee. After the journey through the body the voyage downstairs starts. In the Medical Info area you'll learn more about your own 'corpus' and health through different kinds of interactive games and tests. Don't forget to visit the restaurant at the top of the body - you'll have a breathtaking view there.

This attraction A journey through the human body at CORPUS in Oegstgeest is suitable for corporate activities en childrens party (vanaf € 16,75 p.p.).



Willem Einthovenstraat 1
2342 BH Oegstgeest, (gemeente Oegstgeest), Zuid-Holland

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