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The life of Emperor Wilhelm II in Huis Doorn

Indoor activity

After millions of soldiers were slaughtered in World War I the German emperor Wilhelm IIescaped to the Netherlands. He found a house that was big enough for his ego: Huis Doorn. His imperial interior can still be found. In the performance pavilion you can relive the role of the Netherlands during that time. Because despite its neutral position World War I did go unnoticed.

From German emperor to Doorns stay-at-home

After the loss of WWI emperor Wilhelm II fled to neutral Netherlands, as recommended by his military advisers. The German emperor had Huis Doorn decorated with furniture, paintings and silver from the imperial palaces in Berlin and Potsdam to be able to keep living like he used to. In Doorn he lived a unsociable life. He worked in his garden, did several studies and wrote his memoirs. During the tour you'll discover much more about the house and the turbulent life of emperor Wilhelm II.

The Netherlands durint WWI

The former garage of Wilhelm II is rebuilt into a performance pavilion. Check the permanentexhibition Tusschen twee vuren 'Between two fires', about the Netherlands in World War I. The Netherlands had to deal with a shortage of food provisions, soldiers in captivity and an abundance of refugees.

Rose garden

Huis Doorn is a little bit romantic, too. Don't forget to visit the English park which surrounds the house. The park is built by the English landscaping style and gave emperor Wilhelm II the elbow-room he needed. Walk through the colourful forest of conifers and admire the romantic rose garden.

For a cup of coffee, a drink or lunch you can visit the Orangery, with a beautiful view on the house and the park.



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