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Schouwburg De Lawei Drachten (Theatre)

Indoor activity

This beautiful theatre in Drachten has been attracting visitors for years. With performances varying from cabaret and dance to show and drama: there is something for every visitor and all ages. There is also a characteristic cafe where you can settle down for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before the performance or during the break. Or make it a date night out and combine a show with a lovely dinner.

This attraction Schouwburg De Lawei Drachten (Theatre) in Drachten is suitable for ladies day, high of afternoon tea, themafeest and vrijgezellenfeest.



Burgemeester Wuiteweg 55
9203 KA Drachten, (gemeente Smallingerland), Friesland

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Telephone: +31 (0)512 33 50 00 (receptie) of +31 (0)512 33 50.