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Eise Eisinga Planetarium

Indoor activity

Eise Eisinger lived from 1744 to 1828. He was a Dutch amateur astronomer and wool carder who lived in Friesland where he built an orrery in his home. This mechanical model which shows the relative positions of the planets and moons in the solar system was completed in 1781, making it the oldest model of its kind in the world. It was visited by King willem I in 1818. In 1825 the king bought the orrery for the Dutch state. Eise Eisinger died in 1828, aged 84 years. In 1859 the Dutch state donated the orrery to the city of Franeker. This still-working model of the solar system can still be seen in the museum.



Eise Eisingastraat 3
8801 KE Franeker, (gemeente Waadhoeke), Friesland

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