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Explore beautiful Dutch Venice (Giethoorn) by boat

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Book a wonderful day's enjoyment in the natural surroundings of Giethoorn at De Rietstulp. They have a whole range of programmes, including the picnic-punter-puzzle tour through Giethoorn.
The day begins at 10.30 a.m. with a great cup of tea or coffee and home-made apple pie. After a walk along the canals, the group gets on board the punt. Everyone is supplied with a well-filled picnic knapsack, and the puzzle tour is ready to begin. The boat sails through Giethoorn and across the Bovenweide lake. After an afternoon on the water, active types can try their hand at archery, go for a Solex ride, take part in a dance clinic or enjoy a round of farm golf. Less-active types can spend some time relaxing.
At around 5 p.m. the delicious three-course dinner is served, with an optional party evening to follow if required.

This attraction Explore beautiful Dutch Venice (Giethoorn) by boat in Giethoorn is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, high of afternoon tea, themafeest and vrijgezellenfeest.



Ds. T.O. Hylkemaweg 15
8355 CE Giethoorn, (gemeente Steenwijkerland), Overijssel

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