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Taman Indonesia Bird Park

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Don't be surprised if you see a beautiful Bali Starling fly past, or a Muntjac - a small deer - wandering by looking for food. Taman Indonesia zoo contains many wonderful animals from Indonesia.

With Indonesian drinks and snacks, a look around in a stilt house, or a nose around a pasar (fair), Taman Indonesia is a real Indonesian zoo. The park is home to a wide range of extraordinary animals, such as the Bearcat, the Asian Palm Civet and Spotted Wood-owl. Taman Indonesia is also increasingly focusing on culture, for example with its Wayang (shadow) theatre and Indonesian games, folk tales and traditional costumes.

Children's parties

Princes Jaya is getting ready for the party, because Taman Indonesia is a great place to celebrate your birthday! Bring all your friends to explore the Princess room and have a go at Javan dancing. Are you animal crazy? Then help the animal keeper and take the Indonesian Animal Expert test.

This attraction Taman Indonesia Bird Park in Kallenkote is suitable for corporate activities, childrens party (vanaf € 6,50 p.p.) and themafeest.



Kallenkote 53
8345 HE Kallenkote, (gemeente Steenwijkerland), Overijssel

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