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Hollandse Waterlinie - The New Dutch Waterline

Outdoor activity with some shelter

The New Dutch Waterline is the last of the countries defence lines against the enemy. Unfortunately, the emergence of air travel made this defence line obsolete, as the city of rotterdam can testify.

The New Dutch waterline was created to protect the rich western part of the country. The engine of the economy, Amsterdam, was safe behind an area of water, to shallow to navigate by boat, and too deep for a horse and gun cart to wade through.

The Dutch Waterline has two parts: the old and the new. The old part was established in the disaster year of 1672 when it defended the country successfully against the English, the French and the bishops of Munster and Cologne.

Remnants of this waterline include bunkers, forts, shelters and entrenchments. There were also areas known as forbidden circles: places to avoid, as in the event of attack these were the 'war zones' where everything was bunrt to the ground.

but now there is plenty to experience here: from centuries old history to flourishing new nature, from forts to party locations, and of course the great visitors' centres and museums.