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City Tuk Amersfoort (auto rickshaw)

City Tuk Amersfoort (auto rickshaw)

The tuk-tuk! A traditional form of transport in many Asian countries, but something out of the ordinary in the Netherlands. Make an impression at a wedding or corporate outing by arriving in a tuk-tuk. The Piaggo Calessino of City Tuk is a dashing cabriolet version of the tuk-tuk: on fine days the hood is lowered and you can feel your hair flying in the breeze. A great way to enjoy a tour of Amersfoort with friends or colleagues. and if you're planning on getting married: don't settle for a boring vintage car when you can arrive in a trendy tuk-tuk!

This attraction City Tuk Amersfoort (auto rickshaw) in Amersfoort is suitable for corporate activities.



Everard Meysterweg 12a
3817 HD Amersfoort, (gemeente Amersfoort), Utrecht

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