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Historical boat trip in the canals of Den Bosch

Outdoor activity with some shelter

One moment you'll float under a building in the dark, the next you'll admire immemorial city walls and later you'll find yourself in a swamp. A day out in Den Bosch is not complete without a round trip on the Binnendieze. Explore the city center from a boat and pass historical houses and bridges. You'll be in the center of the city, but it's quiet on the boat: the canal is below street level. A magical tour through the heart of Den Bosch!

Historical boat trip

Every twenty minutes a boat leaves for the historical route on the Binnendieze. The canals tell thousands of stories about Den Bosch. Did you know that the canal used to be the sewerage system of the city? Float under buildings and pass the narrow Kruisbroedershekel - but mind your head! Once outside you're suddenly in the natural area Het Bossche Broek. Via the ramparts you'll make a trip around the city and head back to the city center.

't Hellegat (Hell's hole) and Jeroen Bosch

The fortifications routewill bring you past the most beautiful spots of the old town Den Bosch. The boat will moor at the museum Bastion Orange for a short film about the history of the city. After that, you'll hop on board again to visit 't Hellegat (Hell's hole): a long, narrow and extremely dark water under the North Brabants Museum. The artistic Jeroen Bosch boat tripwill also take you through this Hell's hole. This trip takes you along paintings of Jeroen Bosch and ends at the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, where you'll meet all his work.

Get to know Den Bosch

Every round trip is unique because over a hundred volunteers work at Kring Vrienden van 's-Hertogenbosch. Every guide will give the trip his own personal twist. You can also choose to combine the boat trip with a walk downtown. Check all boat tripson the website.

Historical round trips in the canals of Den Bosch is an amazing day out for a company, group of friends or family. This activity is suitable for the whole family, children, adults and elderly.



Parade 12
5211 KL Den Bosch, (gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch), Noord-Brabant

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