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Drafcentrum Alkmaar (Horse Racecourse)

Drafcentrum Alkmaar (Horse Racecourse)
Outdoor activity with some shelter

Excityement mounts as the starting signal is given. Hooves thud through the sand and everyone is on the edge of their seats: will my horse be first past the post? Welcome to Drafcentrum Alkmaar where everyone has the chance to experience the thrill of winning. Follow the horses' progress from the tote hall, the restaurant or the VIP lounge.

A chair for an evening in the Tribune Restaurant can be had for EUR 5.00. With a choice of three-course meals, a good view of the track and the comfortable seating, this is a great place to spend your evening. Or for real luxury you can enjoy a delicious hot or cold buffet with family or friends in the VIP lounge with its excellent track views.

This attraction Drafcentrum Alkmaar (Horse Racecourse) in Alkmaar is suitable for corporate activities.



Koning Willem Alexanderlaan 4
1815 LV Alkmaar, (gemeente Alkmaar), Noord-Holland

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