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City 'Game of the Goose' in Leiden

City 'Game of the Goose' in Leiden

The streets of the centuries-old city of Leiden have changed very little since the 17th century, as you will soon find out if you play the City Game of the Goose. Using original historical maps, teams of min. eight people set off on a route of astonishment as you discover all the many details on the map. The Golden Age of the Netherlands lives on in Leiden! Just don't get lost...

Questions and tasks

Armed with a city map, the group is divided into smaller teams. At each location is a task to be performed or a question to be answered. Who has the sharpest eye to spot the details? Along th way you will pass the theatre of Museum Boerhaave and you can choose between a visit to the Hortus Botanicus or the Siebold House. A challenging puzzel route!

This attraction City 'Game of the Goose' in Leiden in Leiden is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day and vrijgezellenfeest.