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Made-to-Measure Wilderness


Guided rambles for people who find it difficult to take part in an ordinary excursion, and who don't normally get out into the countryside, such as:

  • wheelchair users

  • visually handicapped

  • mentally handicapped

  • people needing special guidance

These special rambles take around two hours. As far as possible we walk on cowpaths, through the riverside woods, past wetlands, and of course the Waalstrand (river beach). We take binoculars, magnifying glasses and other equippment along and enjoy nature's suprises along the way.
It goes without saying that the guide adjusts to the level of the group in ability, distance, pace and interest.

Special off-road wheelchairs are available for hire enabling you to discover the area for yourself.



Weverstraat 94
6579 AG Kekerdom, (gemeente Berg en Dal), Gelderland

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