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Indoor and outdoor playground the Holle Bolle Boom

Indoor activity

King Pa-Radijs welcomes you in playground paradise the Holle Bolle Boom! A day of fun at this big in and outdoor paradise is perfect for good and bad weather. In the Holle Bolle Boom you can play inside, outside, or in the indoor tropical water paradise!

Indoor fun at Holle Bolle Binnen

In the enormous indoor playground you climb the Holle Bolle Boom (tree). Slide down in the dark or whizz down the super steep slide into the ball pit. Holle Bolle Binnen is fun for children under twelve years old. Toddlers can play safely in the mini yard.

Go on adventure at Holle Bolle Buiten

Wander through the maze and discover underground entries. Are you able to find the exit? Holle Bolle Buiten is an outdoor playground full of surprises. Jump on the trampoline or slide in the cable car over the water to the other side. In the Fountain park you can cool off while running through the fountains. Challenge your family to play a game of mini golf and join a quest!

Water fun at Holle Bolle Plons

Take a dive into the indoor water paradise! Face the leaking tower of Pise at the Holle Bolle Plons, be surprised by unexpected jets of water from the Big Ben and Manneke Pis and climb the Sfinx. Watch out, otherwise you'll have a shower!

This attraction Indoor and outdoor playground the Holle Bolle Boom in Tuitjenhorn is suitable for childrens party (vanaf € 9,50 p.p.) and weekend break.