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Run, bump and bounce at the coolest group trips in Limburg

Outdoor activity with some shelter

3, 2, 1... GO! At the same time as your opponent you will run as fast as you can on the assault course. Jump over obstacles and climb up via the nets. Fortunately, you're still ahead. But then you arrive at the track with four enormous balls which are the real challenge. Will you bounce your way to the other side in time?

Limburgs Uitje organises over twenty different indoor and outdoor group trips.

Fun group trips

  • The Mole: carry out all kinds of assignments with your team, but note: one of you sabotages everything...;
  • Expedition Columbus: with a scarf around your head you will battle against the other team, like in the tv-show Expedition Robinson or Survivor! Who is able to light a fire first and dares to eat everything at the eating challenge?;
  • Bubble Football: play a game of football while being locked up in an inflatable ball! Bounce and bump around, but don't forget to score sometimes, too...;
  • Crazy Crasher: go on a razzle on one of the toughest assault courses of Limburg! Battle each other and reach the other side first with your whole team;
  • Escaperoom: escape the room in time while the clock keeps ticking. Are there any clues in the treasure chest or is something hidden behind the painting? Limburgs Uitje has three themed escape rooms: the movie room, the pirate room and the hangover room.

This attraction Run, bump and bounce at the coolest group trips in Limburg in Sevenum is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party and vrijgezellenfeest.