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Brunssum Market: second-hand goods and "Limburgse vlaaien" cakes

Indoor activity

At a flee market the most precious treasures are discovered. Looking for something beautiful? The "Vrije Markt" takes place in Brunssum every Sunday, so browse around and find beautiful second-hand goods. Who doesn't like second-hand can take a look at the brand new goods. Or dance along with the live music or eat a typical regional cake, the "Limburgse vlaai". There is always something to do or see at the Vrije Markt!

Winkelen in Brunssum

Cake and music

The most beautiful goods are presented at "Vrije Markt" in Brunssum every Sunday. There's always music, and every third Sunday there's an auction, where everyone can join in. During a visit at the market there is more to do than browsing around. Frequently activities are organised, like the Strongest Man Competition, a falconry show, a child flee market, or a Country Event.

Treat yourself with a delicious piece of regional cake, "Limburgse Vlaai" and enjoy live music. De Vrije Markt in Brunssum is the perfect place for a day out! And if you want to sell your own goods or offer a service, that's possible, too!

This attraction Brunssum Market: second-hand goods and "Limburgse vlaaien" cakes in Brunssum is suitable for ladies day.



Boschstraat 23, Parkstad 2500
6442 PB Brunssum, (gemeente Brunssum), Limburg

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