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Enjoy food and activities at Kameryck

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Kameryck is situated at a beautiful, central location in between Amsterdam and Utrecht, surrounded by nature. Enjoy a diner at the restaurant looking over water, or party in one of the four pavilions. Not to mention the many activities outdoor. Take for example "Expedition Kameryck", an exciting activity which involves groups exploring the jungle of "het Groene Hart".

Other activities outdoor:

  • Shooting classes, rain or shine
  • Pole vault
  • Hit a ball at the Pitch & Putt golf course
  • The spectacular Chinese national pastime, paddling in a dragon boat


Staying the night

Kameryck is easily accessible, and a free shuttlebus will get you to three nearby train stations. Staying the night is also a possibility, and a very special one indeed, in one of the nostalgic houses on wheels. In one big circle, seventeen 'Veldhuysjes' are situated. This 'village' can accommodate 66 persons. The carriages are cosy and comfortable with good beds, a closet and a small kitchen. At night you can relax at the campfire.

Delicious food at Kameryck

What's better than good food with matching wine? Restaurant Kameryck brings you a beautiful piece of meat, a nice fish or a good hamburger. The menu includes biological and local products, flavoured with spices from their own yard. All dishes are available in child sizes, so even the smallest guest can join.

Pitch & Putt golfcourse

Tip: footgolf! Hit the ball at the easy accessible practice course, you can easily join without golf diploma. It's a nice way to get to know the sport and experience the fun you can have in teams. Funny, unique variant: footgolf. Combine golfing with a drink, lunch or barbeque. It's the perfect day-out!

This attraction Enjoy food and activities at Kameryck in Kamerik is suitable for corporate activities, ladies day, childrens party (vanaf € 15,00 p.p.), themafeest, workshop, weekend break and vrijgezellenfeest.



Oortjespad 3
3471 HD Kamerik, (gemeente Woerden), Utrecht

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