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Climb, shoot, and play Archery Tag in Adventure park Waddenfun

Outdoor activity with some shelter

Adventure park Waddenfun is a surprising attraction only twenty minutes away from the city of Groningen. At their own scope, surrounded by fields and nature, the owners build an unprecedented adventure park. Both indoor and outdoor the dare-devils climb ropes, bridges and other obstacles - even in the dark! You can also do archery at Waddenfun or play the exciting game Archery® Tag.

Adventure park

TheIndoor adventure park Waddenfun has three different levels, for beginners and real dare-devils. The track starts at the height of two meters. The next level is 4,5 meters from the ground and for the dare-devils there's a third level at eight meters! Climbers can try the zipline of 300 meters long, of which 200 meters are outside in the fields. A bit of balancing and than zooming by cableway: the track is fun and diverse. And most of all: safe!

Tip: Archery® Tag

Archery® Tag is a combination of paintball, dodgeball, and archery, played with bow and arrow. Sounds exciting, right? The special arrows won't hurt you, they have soft foam tips. Battle and triumph! Adventure park Waddenfun has more fun games, like the Colonists of Waddeneiland, and crate stacking.

Familie day out and party in the adventure park

Want to try the 200 meter long zip line with your family? Or with all your friends? Waddenfun has several coolpackage deals for groups. Get up in the air, find challenges and enjoy being safe back on the ground and grabbing a bite or drink. A day of climbing can be combined with the sport of archery or one of the other activities.

This attraction Climb, shoot, and play Archery Tag in Adventure park Waddenfun in Wehe-den-Hoorn is suitable for corporate activities, childrens party (vanaf € 14,00 p.p.) and vrijgezellenfeest.